Enikő Demény


Enikő Demény currently is working as a researcher at the Central European University Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine. She has a Ph.D. in Philosophy, from the Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania, an MA in Gender Studies form Central European University, Budapest, an MA in Cultural Anthropology and a BA in Sociology, from Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania. She is a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of European Studies of Babes-Bolyai University, where she teaches two MA courses: "Family and Identity in the Age of Genetics" at the MA Program on Anthropology, and "Gender Regimes of Institutions" at the MA Program on Gender, Differences, Inequalities. She is member of the Interdisciplinary Group for Gender Studies of UBB.

Her publications include:

"Negotiating Motherhood: Identity and Difference in Professional Foster Motherhood" Caietele Tranzitiei, no. 2-3, Cluj: Babes-Bolyai University Press, 1998.

"Two Initiative for the Promotion of a Gender Sensitive Education, Research and Policy", Caietele Tranzitiei, Cluj: Babes-Bolyai University Press, 1998.

"Participarea femeilor in societatea civila si redefinirea regimurilor de gen in Romania postcomunista." In Gizella Cosma, Magyari Vincze Eniko si Ovidiu Pecican (eds.) Prezente feminine: Studii despre femei in Romania, Cluj-Napoca, Desire Publishing House, 2001, 267-297.

"Open Minds. Opportunities for Gender Equity in Education. A report on Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union." (policy paper,co-autor) 2003, New York: OSI, ESP-Network Women Program.

"Paradigma feminista între critica si afirmare" (co-autor). In MAGYARI-VINCZE, Eniko, Petruta MANDRUT (szerk.) Gen, Societate, Cultura. Cursuri Universitare. Editura Fundatiei Desire, Cluj, 2003, 19-102.

"Loving mothers" at work: raising others children and creating families with the intention of love and take care. In EDWARDS, Jeanette, SALAZAR, Carles. (eds.) Eurokin. Family and Kinship in the Age of Genetics. Oxford: Bergham Press, (forthcoming)

Parenté naturale dans l'age des neuvelles technologies de la reproduction et genetiques. In L'Homme. (Edition Speciale. Défis de parenté contemporaine). Paris (forthcoming)